“Songs I have written for me, for others, to brief...”

It was during her BA Degree in Songwriting at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), London, that Natali really learned to hone her craft and gained a lot of experience in Co-Writing and writing to brief. She had the privilege of learning from and working with some incredible writers; Pete Cunnah of D*ream, Sophie Daniels, Ralph Murphy (The Murphy's Law's of Songwriting), Malka and Amy Studt, who were responsible for writing many of the hits we know and love today. Natali adores writing and loves the challenge of writing to brief; be it for songs, adverts, films or tv. Below are some examples of her work. Please do get in touch via the contacts page if you require a professional songwriter, Natali would love to hear from you.


All 3 of these tracks were written, recorded and released in 24 hours to celebrate the humble record store and Record Store Day. “The great thing about creating a track in 24 hours is that I do not have time to second guess myself. I have to run with the first good idea and build on it. The "perfectionist" in me has to take a back seat and I have to say, it's liberating! As an artist I feel like my best work will exist somewhere in the space between reckless abandonment and perfectionism and this annual commitment to "The 24 hour Record" is a good reminder of that. It seems people are really starting to catch on and take interest in this idea. I was stoked to do a featured interview with Postpop on the process and Shine RSD18 had it's debut on Boogaloo Radio. Super excited for RSD19.”


“Co-Writing is a magical experience for me. I love connecting with the artists and helping them to reveal and craft the story they want to share. There are few things more satisfying than an artist you admire wanting to release and perform a song you wrote together. “ Natali met Livya and Raph during her Songwriting Degree at ICMP. “Livya Cahlo has a tenderness in her music that always moves me and Your Turn, the song I wrote with Raph, AKA Lyōsun, is favourite of mine.” Over the years Natali has co-written with many artists in various genres.. Some of which include Heather Waters (folk-rock artist from South Africa), Leetho Thale (spoken word artist from Soweto living in London), and Julie of Detox from Grey (electropop artist from Denmark). Natali is looking forward to sharing more of those tracks in the not-too-distant future. 

published work - Feral city

The Feral City EP is an exploration of juxtaposing ideas; nature and concrete, stagnation and change, love and loss, that Natali experienced whilst living in London. She wanted the sound and feeling of the EP to bring in a bit of home (South Africa), but also reflect some of the edginess and magic she found whilst living in the city. With the help of her amazing fans she successfully crowdfunded +£5k to make this EP which was also the final project of her BA in Songwriting. Feral City is available for purchase on all major platforms including iTunes and Spotify.


These songs come in their rawest state; either Piano or Guitar and Vocal, or iPhone recordings straight from the rehearsal Studio. Some of them have already been re-written or re-harmonized since recording them. Natali is looking forward to producing and releasing these.

writing to brief

“I thoroughly enjoy dissecting what it is about the harmony, lyrical content, rhythm and feel that makes a song have a particular genre or theme. Building it up, like a puzzle, from there is a fascinating process. Hitting the nail on the head is super rewarding. I enjoy writing in most genres as the "box ticking" when writing to brief is a thrill all on its own.” Some of these songs have yet to be produced or  even re-written, but Natali feels they already manage to illustrate the vibe and brief well.