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RECORD STORE DAY '19: #24hrsongchallenge Release

The RSD19 song will be available to download and purchase through Bandcamp.

“The great thing about creating a track in 24 hours is that I do not have time to second guess myself. I have to run with the first good idea and build on it. The "perfectionist" in me has to take a back seat and I have to say, it's liberating! As an artist I feel like my best work will exist somewhere in the space between reckless abandonment and perfectionism and this annual commitment to "The 24 hour Record" is a good reminder of that. It seems people are really starting to catch on and take interest in this idea. I was stoked to do a featured interview with Postpop on the process and Shine RSD18 had it's debut on Boogaloo Radio. Super excited for RSD19.”

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RECORD STORE DAY '19: #24hrsongchallenge Process

This year is the 4th year in a row where I will be writing, recording and releasing a track in 24 hours to celebrate Record Store Day.

I will be going in with a blank page on Monday and documenting the process.

You are invited to join me on facebook, Twitter and Insta (mostly Insta) for updates.

I am particularly nervous and excited about this one as I have decided to make it all on my own. I feel like it has been a long time since I have put myself out there in this way and although I have my fears, I am going to answer the calling to go for it and let it unfold. As with every song anything could happen; it could end up a masterpiece or……. well, I don’t even want to type it! ;)

If you do decide to join me for the ride, you will see me in the rawest, purest state and I will share all the joys and turmoils of the process with you.

Songwriters, you are also welcome to join me on this #24hrsongchallenge and share your process with me. You will be amazed at what you can do in 24hrs!

2016 brought you “Dragon Queen”

2017 brought you “Flake”

2018 brought you “Shine”

WHAT will 2019 be?

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11:00 AM11:00

Your Voice: A Workshop on Creative Activism

A day of exploring the legacy of protest songs and activism through a series of creative writing exercises, voice work and songwriting. This will start you on the road to writing your own protest song.

Throughout the workshop you will learn the basics of songwriting and explore the theme of activism through creative writing. You will also get a taste of voice work, designed to release any blockages and best deliver the message through your work. The second part of the day will be about beginning to write your song with support from the group and the workshop facilitators with an opportunity to share your work in progress at the end. Musical instruments, your voice and smartphone are all welcome and encouraged, but no musical experience needed.

£65pp £45 concessions

This workshop will be run by Natali Shaked & Nina Millns.

More info: https://conwayhall.org.uk/event/your-voice-a-workshop-on-creative-activism/

Booking Essential, click on button below

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