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RECORD STORE DAY '19: #24hrsongchallenge Release

The RSD19 song will be available to download and purchase through Bandcamp.

“The great thing about creating a track in 24 hours is that I do not have time to second guess myself. I have to run with the first good idea and build on it. The "perfectionist" in me has to take a back seat and I have to say, it's liberating! As an artist I feel like my best work will exist somewhere in the space between reckless abandonment and perfectionism and this annual commitment to "The 24 hour Record" is a good reminder of that. It seems people are really starting to catch on and take interest in this idea. I was stoked to do a featured interview with Postpop on the process and Shine RSD18 had it's debut on Boogaloo Radio. Super excited for RSD19.”